Data Storage and Management

Petascale Storage Appliance

With the amount of data stored doubling every two years, and the energy required to store that data exceeding 40% of data center power consumption, nearly every organization in every vertical market has a critical need for massively scalable storage solutions that are highly efficient, easy to manage and cost effective. So why do these same organizations continue to pursue and purchase outdated rackmount storage solutions that are outrageously expensive, inefficient and inflexible? At X8, we believe it's time to Question the Status Quo.

Our solution incorporates the Zettabyte File System (ZFS) which yields a flexible 128-bit file system that detects and corrects data corruption. Flexible access methods are available to connect to storage pools via NFS, CIFS, WebDAV, and FTP. Support for iSCSI and FC enable traditional SAN topologies. ZFS provides features such as unlimited snapshots, block level de-duplication of data to save space, synchronous or asynchronous replication, and on-the-fly data compression.

 image BladeRack

This platform is rugged, responsive, and flexible, starting with as little as one Storage Head Node and one Storage Blade, scaling up to a full 3.4PB per rack. When needs increase beyond that, this platform can be scaled up by adding additional racks while still operating as a single pool of managed storage. A high-availability option provides uninterrupted access to data. Multiple Head Nodes work in concert to manage access to large amounts of storage, taking over for servers undergoing maintenance. Groups of Head Nodes in a data center work together to ensure storage pools are always up and running, with synchronous backup between data centers allowing continued access to mission-critical data even if one data center is offline. This caching approach helps reduce storage hardware and operating costs.




Custom-Tailored: System expands with your needs, but does not break the bank.

  • Power Efficiency: One of the most power efficient solutions available on the market today.
  • Density: Supports over 2,300 compute cores or 3.4PB of raw storage in standard rack footprint.
  • Time to Market: Commodity component approach gets latest technology before competition.
  • Scale-Out: Infrastructure was developed to allow customers to scale up and out, perfect   for growing hyperscale applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to twelve 4TB drives per storage blade, 4.3 PB per rack.
  • Scale from 1 to 35 storage blades per storage head node
  • Hot-swappable drives for easy serviceability.
  • Ideal solutions for Big Data, Active Archive, Cloud, ISP/ASP, and more.
  • Compatible with compute, GPGPU and workstation blades